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predicate verb

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What is a predicate verb, and can u provide an example of one?


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Sep 21, 2003
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EX: I walk. ('walk' is both the verb and the predicate of that sentence)

EX: I walk home. ('walk home' is the predicate, and 'walk' is the verb)

The term predicate refers to the verb and its complement(s).

A predicate consists of a verb or verb phrase and its complements, if any. A verb that requires no complements is called intransitive. A verb that requires one or two complements is called transitive. A verb may belong to both categories.

We may generate the complete sentence "I walk." with no complements. We may also generate "I walk home.", where "home" is a complement of the verb. Further, "I walk my dog home." has two complements: "my dog" and "home". In traditional grammars, these complements are called the "indirect object" (my dog) and the "direct object" (home).

The complement of a verb or verb phrase is described as being optional and consisting not only of objects, but of adjectives, prepositional phrases, etc.
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