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Prepositional Phrases

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Henderson Chemicals(has been building) a new refinery (in Simcoe County) now for me the first one is a Verb Phrase, but am not sure of the second one?

Sheila (has been revising) the procedures manual since she returned (from vacation) The first for me being a Verb Phrase the second I do not know ?

Thelma said (to send duplicates) (to Ms Jay and Mr. Wu). the first I belive to be an Infinitive Phrase again the second I am not sure?

Henry(has been) busy (on the Erickson account). I belive the first is a verb phrase and second is a Prepositional but am not 100% sure?

The inventory report (will have been completed) by the time we go (to Vancouver) I think this is a verb phrase and a prepositional phrase but again am not sure..

I hope you can clear this up for me and explain what makes it what..
thank you so much
Holly-Dee Norman


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Nov 13, 2002
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In each case, the second is a prepositional phrase. You should just have the confidence to go with your choices. If you're choosing correctly, then you should start to feel sure. Where you're having doubt, you're right. You've just got to see that you've got the idea. ;-)
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