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Prepositions after Gerunds

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Hi Everybody! My question is about using prepositions after gerunds. I know it is not correct, but I can not explain why. For example, why is it not correct to say, "The Company shall be responseible for obtaining of a license." If anybody knows the rule, please let me know.


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Sep 6, 2007
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Gerunds are verbal nouns and as such have the same argument structure as their verbal counterparts. You wouldn't say "obtain of a license":

Verb phrase: obtain a license
Noun phrase: obtaining a license


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Sep 13, 2007
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Hi Anastasia,

For your better understanding the point of the matter, I would prefer to write something about the gerund and the verbal noun.

The gerung should not be onfused with the verbal noun, which has the same duggix -ing. The main points of difference between the gerund and the verbal noun are as follows:

1. Like all the verbals the gerund has a double character-nominal and verbal.

The verbal noun has only a nominal character.

2. The gerund is not used with an article.

The verbal noun may be used with an article.

3. The verbal has no plural form.

The verbal noun may be used in the plural.

4. The gerund of a transitive verb takes a direct object.

He received more and more letters. so many that he had given up reading them.

A verbal noun cannot take a direct object; it takes a prepositional object with the preposition "of".

Meanwhile Gwendoline was rallying her nerves to the reading of the paper.

5. The gerund may be modified by an adverb.

The verbal noun may be modified by an adjective.

In the present case you have a gerund from a transitive verb
ob‧tain S2 W2
formal1 [transitive] to get something that you want, especially through your own effort, skill, or work [= get] obtain something from somebody/something , so in conformity with the rule Nr.4 above, the gerund have to be followed from an object and not from a preposition "of".

"The Company shall be responsible for obtaining a license."

There is an additional example from the Internet:

What are the requirements for obtaining a license to sell firearms?


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