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projection order

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Feb 17, 2008
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can u please tell me what projection order and
phantom number
mean inhere?

I use telecommunications in a way that I thought was helpful. And one of the importantthings for the people I attract to the organization is that they are dealing with someone who is local.It doesn't matter how big they are but it needs to be local. And one of the things in the middle of theadvert is obviously the telephone number. Well, if there's a local telephone number it establishes acertain amount of credibility with regards to being local. Now I work on a local basis anyway, I workin large towns and there will be a local operation in that town. But in order to give the impressionthat it's local, I'm putting the projection order, having a local telephone number is a very useful...
What I do is I have the tone that has been fed back to me through the telecommunicationspeople as a phantom number.
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Jan 14, 2008
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A phantom number is one that does not exist.

I am not sure about the other . . .
to "project" something is to give the impression, even if it is false.

Sample: By eating salads all the time, he projected a healthy lifestyle.

Your sample may mean the speaker is giving the projection that the call is local.
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