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query regarding proficiency/ielts

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I am a 22 year old bilingual (born in Portugal to British mother).
I did the FCE when at school and passed with a B.
I did the CAE in December 07 and passed with an A.
I would like to take another level of test in English and the British Council
is suggesting Proficiency. There is a newer (?) qualification the IELTS which
has been spoken about in the Portuguese army where I work as a driver for the
General. I am looking for clarification as to which of these tests is more
useful for my career. I have passed the NATO tests to work wherever Portugal
needs driving for the bosses.
I am not thinking about studying at university just now but want to have the best
skills to present myself.
Could you help?


Mar 20, 2008
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Hello Filipe,I have also sat for CAE last december and just managed to scrape through with grade C.I will be sitting for Proficiency test next year cause i'm busy with my pre-u studies.

From what I have heard,IELTS is just a language test that is used to gain admission to the particular university.Moreover,it valids for only 2 years.

Let us look at the path of education.

Test --> Certificate --> Diploma --> Degree --> Master --> Doctorate

As you have seen,Test is a level below Certificate.And I am sure that most employers don't even look at your IELTS result.They look forward to Certificate in Advanced/Proficiency English more.Also,certificate of proficiency valids for life.

So I would recommend you to take proficiency instead of IELTS.
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