[General] Regarding a use of the plural and comma.

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Oct 16, 2008
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Sentence: "But, our nation remains in peace when your types of journalist remains silent!" I said this in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

My question: Whenever, I start my sentence with the conjunction "but" I remain in state of uncertainty, regarding the use of comma. So, please explain to me should comma be put after the word "but" every time we start the new sentence with it. Like in my case, because technically we are starting a new sentence?

Also tell, have I used the comma rightly, or have I done the comma splice in my sentencegiven above?

Second question is regarding the plural. Will the "s" comes in the above given sentence at the end of the word "type"? If yes, then please also tell why.

Besides that, can we start the new sentence with the word "because"? Is it grammatically correct?

PS: If there are any mistakes in my post like comma splice or grammatically error then do point out it without hesitation. It helps me a lot because I can know where I've erred.

Regards and thanks :)
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