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[General] reserch proposal

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1.0 Background of the study
Tourism has become one of the most important global industries in recent years. Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the ASEAN region (Malaysian Tourism Industry Forecast to 2012). For the tourist, Malaysia is one of the more beautiful and appealing destinations in the region. With rapid growth economic progress, good infrastructure and English widely spoken, maintenance of nature beauty environmental and it has also become one of the most safe and accessible places to visit to Malaysia (Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia). There for, Tourism considers greater investment for economic of Malaysia in recent development (Prime Minister’s office of Malaysia -assessed on 04th June 2007). This achievement due to promotions and campaigns organized by tourism industry. The big hits for ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2007’ have brought more arrivals to Malaysia. Due to the success program has extended to 2008 with the slogan ‘celebrating 50 year’s nationhood-One Golden Celebration until august 2008 (tourism Malaysia, 2008). Thou, the year 2009, Malaysian economic face global financial problems such as credit crunch, job losses, declining asset, decline of oil prices and recession (Bank Negara Malaysia Annual Report 2008). But with all the challenges tourism still contributes the best services for economic of Malaysia (National Productivity Corporation, 2009). The evidence from statistic by the immigration department of Malaysia has stated there were 23.0 million tourists who visited Malaysia in a year 2009, compare to previous year 2008 only 22.0 million tourist visited Malaysia (Tourism Malaysia, 2008). But the success still continues with organizing more new interests and developments in the country. Such as Malaysia organized conferences, sports activities, grand shopping’s and so on.

With all the hard work from tourism, many hotels has raised in a center of tourist places such as Midst of Kuala Lumpur city town, beautiful beaches, wonderful islands and so on (Tourism Malaysia 2007). Excellent customer services and a better service quality and good a performance from hotel industry will also ensure that our guests look forward to return to Malaysia repeatedly (Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia). Hospitality Industry is closely link to travel and tourism industries such away that promoting international, regional and domestic tourism sectors (Malaysian Association Hotel). There for tourism as key engine for hotel industry for upgrading facilities, quality services, skill workers for forming better services to tourist (National Production Corporation, 2008). The news from London star has reviled that ‘Malaysia is among the best-value destination’ after a non governmental organization Lonely Planet has stress out in ‘Best travel guide 2010 ’. In addition Lonely Planet also reviled that Malaysia is best place for destination for cheap, lower cost destination in the world (London Star news, 4th Nov 2009).

As one of service industry, hotel industry involves high degree relationship with service providers and hotel guests, so more chances for service failures to occur (Lewis & McCann, 2004). Since failures are unavoidable, it compulsory to recover these failures to keep dissatisfied customers from switching to competitors (Lin, 2006). There for, service recovery as powerful weapon in solving future intention behavior, that includes; dissatisfied customers, loss customer loyalty, negative word of mouth, lost in profits, decline customer confidence (Lewis & McCann, 2004). The study uses service recovery strategies as marketing tools to verify positive effects to post- visits behavioral intention, such in repurchase positive word of mouth and price insensitive (Kuenzel and Katsaris, 2009). There for, the study will investigate to what extent and the positive relationship with hotel service recovery strategies to behavioral intention of tourist who visited to Malaysia.


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What is this article meant for? What is the title of the research?
And what is the purpose of posting it? Is it for proofreading? There is a lot of rewriting to be done to make it presentable.

not a teacher but a Malaysian
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