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Personal Information:
Chinese Name:Huang Liping
English Name:Lydia
Date of Birth:September 28, 1983
Birth Place:Shanghai
Marital Status:Unmarried

To be a good receptionist.

Academic Main Courses
International Business, Marketing, International Trade,Organization Behavior,

Work Experience:
Summer of 2004 Work in Shanghai Huidong Accounting Company

2002.9-2005.7 International Trade, Shanghai University

· Typing 65+wpm.
· Strong knowledge of general accounting procedures.
· Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple tasks.
· Ability to work independently with good organizational and communication skills.
· Professional appearance and attitude.
18 October, 2004
Dear Mrs:
Your very attractive advertisement in sohu website seemed made to order for me.Are you searching for a receptionist. I think I am suitable for this job.
Thank you for reading my letter of application and I really hope to get a position of a clerk in your company. Iam Huang Liping, Female,21 years old, and a student at Shanghai University. I major in International Trad. Next year I will complete my study with all the confidence, knowledge and capability. I have acquired, I am writing for a chance from you.
Many years of study has enhance my capability of using English as a means of communication. I have made rapid progress in listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and so on. I like reading and greatly benefit form it. Making speeches in anther thing I like to do, for which I have been award several prizes in my college. Apart from The course in English, the other course I have taken will also help me a lot in my future.
In the collage, I had worked in Shanghai Huidong Accounting Company. I also do the same job. So I don’t think it is difficult to me. I will finish the work completely and hard.
Here I enclose my resume for your convenience and would you refer to my institute for my characters.I will be ready to join you any time.Thank you very much for your consideration.
Yours sincerely
Huang Liping


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Nov 13, 2002
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Your very attractive advertisement in

I don't like the use of 'attractive'here. Also 'on' a website.

Are you searching for a receptionist.

I'd delete this- if they are advertising, then they are looking, so why are you asking? ;-)
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