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resume and cover letter

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Room 101 Building 1 Block 3500 Shangnan Road Shanghai, 200124, China
E-mail: michaela_yo@hotmail.com
Tel: 086-021-58323878
Mobile Phone: 13818523100
Oct. 18, 2004

Human Resource Manager

6 Floor Xinnanbin Building Block 50 Honghu No.2 Street Wenjin North Road Shenzhen, China
Tel: 0755-25539895
Email: zhaopin@wal-mart.com

Re: Possible Employment

Dear Mr./Mrs.,

I am very interested in your want ad in www.51job.com. I’m a student who will graduate in July next year. I would like to find a job in market department of Walmart.

I first learnt Walmart in marketing case during study. I’m interested in Walmart”s smart organizational culture. I think China will be one of the largest markets for Walmart.

My resume is enclosed summarizing where my skills and abilities have been developed. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my background with you further at your convenience.
Your early reply in this respect will be highly appreciated.



Name: YUXULIN (Michaela_yo)
Sex: Female
Birthday: 1984/03/29
Address: Shanghai Shangnan Road Block 3500 Building 1 Room 101
Postcode: 200124
E-mail: michaela_yo@hotmail.com
Telephone: 086-021-58323878
Mobile Phone: 13818523100

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position about Sales Assistant , Consumer Service。

Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC), Shanghai University, Shanghai, China 2002-Present
BS in International Business
Got Scholarship in 2002-2003 semesters

Professional Experience
Shanghai Xuhui business management department
From 2004-2004 during summer holiday
My job is secretary in muniment room

Summary of Qualification:
1.Learning ability. I can get lots of information from self-study and exercitation. Easily to accept new knowledge.
2.Good ability of communication. I can communicate with people well and also master skills of business communication.
3.Attitude of work. I’m earnest.
4.Knowledge of International Trade. I have learned <Basic Marketing> <International Trade> <International Trade Laws> <Microeconomics> <Macroeconomics> <Money and Bank> <Accounting> <Accounting Management> <Organizational Behavior> <Trade Communication> etc. All the courses I mentions above are learned in both Chinese and English.
5.English of Trade. All courses I learn in university are base on English. I know more words of trade than any others. I also can write good academic report.
6.Computer technic. I can use Word and Power Point very well. There are many good productions of me.
7.Internet skill. I master manipulation of Internet. Can also make web pages independently.


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Nov 13, 2002
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your want ad

I presume you mean 'advertisement'

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