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Shanghai University, Shanghai P.R. China
Postcode: 201800
Telephone: 69981044

Date: 18/10/2004
Job I want: Information Developer
Company information: SAP China
Address: No7, Lane 622, Centre Huaihai Road
Postcode: 200020
Telephone: 86-21-3302 4898
Fax:86-21-6334 5758

Dear Mr. Yu:
I want a job which position is Information Developer in your company, I found the information in your website:(http://www.sapchina.com/china/company/career.asp)
I am a student in Shanghai University. I will graduate from Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce in 2005. My major is International Trade.
I think the MIS is the most important in business now. I am interested in ERP and I have passed the exam of ERP in UFSOFT. I can manipulate ERP software adroitly. So in this summer, I jackaroo in market department of Userfriend Software Company for four months. I help to hold the finance forum of top 500 corporations in the world. And I am a assistant of ERP project, mainly in charge of marketing. SAP is the most famous management software company in the world. SAP can gain an active when I working and learn from it.
I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please contact me. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

Andrew Lou


Personal information

English Name: Andrew
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1983/10/12
ID Card Number:
Health: Healthy Stature: 178cm
Mobile Phone:
Home Address:
Postal Code: 200062 Email Address: wjlou@126.com


2002.09-2005.06: Sydney Institute Of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University, International trade


2002-2003 Precursor of Shanghai University
2002-2003 Excellent gazetteer of Shanghai University
2002-2003 Scholarship of Shanghai University
2003-2004 Excellent volunteer in Shanghai

Skills And Certificate

Computer Skills: Proficient in Windows Operations & Office software in English /Chinese
Familiar with Internet Usage & E Business; Excellent typing skills
English: 2003.12:Cet4;
ERP Skills: Proficient in UF Software ERP (Financial Management and Supply Chain Management Professional)
Instructor Certificate Of UF Software ERP Financial Management System
Others: Registered photographer.

Working Experience

From 2002.10: Student Affair Center of Shanghai University
Manager of marketing department.
Chairman of Student Affair Center.
From 2003.10: ERP Application & Research Center, sydney Institute Of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University
Assistant of ERP Project, mainly in charge of marketing.
The assistant of ERP Financial Management Courses.
2004.05/07: Celebration 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Sydney Institute Of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University
Assist in organizing as one of the volunteer.
2004.05/22-09/01: Userfriend Software Co., LTD
Commissioner of marketing department and In charge of image promotion and advertise for product, communicate with media agency.
2004.09/01-09/10: Academician gymkhana of China
Volunteer, in charge of edition. Designed a commemorative.
2002.01-2003.06: Language exchange with Dwight who is a life coach.


Considerate, proficiency in English and PC, strong interpersonal communication skills, abilities to solve problem creatively and to work as a member of a team under pressure.


Dr. Lau Assistant of college dean Tel: 56331019
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I want a job which position is Information Developer in your company,

I want- this is not suitable for a formal letter.

I am writing to apply for the position of Information developer...
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