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Carl Anderson

English Composition

Unit 1 Brushing up on Fundamentals

Trucker’s Life

Purpose of this is information is about a well-unknown life of being a Truck Driver. Everyone has a description, which is fat, lazy, and dirty, and the last of the Cowboys in this so-called “ Digital Age.” Just remember if you have it a “Truck brought it.”

Cause and Effect:
Everyone thinks or has an idea what a Truck Driver is. I’m here to inform you that you think you may know, but you have no idea what it is like. Truckers spend approximately 26 day’s on the road with only 4 day’s off if they’re lucky. If your home, your not making money. That’s the way it is, no exceptions. There are perks to be a Professional Driver. You can see the countryside and some places people never even heard of. For example, I have been to place in Wyoming that the population was 15. You can make a lot of money, tons of it.

Being a Professional Driver if you have a family it is difficult on the home life. Your spouse has to do it all by her or his self. That worse part of being on the road is the four-wheelers. A professional driver has to do fifteen things a once. We half to watch out on all our blind spots the side’s what in front of us and basically do a 360 degree look around the truck when we cant see that much. There are so many laws from each state that are different that we have to remember which is very difficult since the port’s think they have all the answers. It’s really sad that they half to use a computer to verify where we have been.

These are the things I half to deal with every single day when I am out on the road. It’s a rewarding job but most Trucker’s don’t get the respect they deserve. There are times for example when the Hurricane Katrina travesty happen the Trucker was there most of them volunteering there time to deliver ice to the victims and what type of respect did the Trucker get price gauging from the store’s there. 12 pack of pop is around $3.00 to $5.00. I paid $12.00 for a 12 pack of soda pop.

Choose a rhetorical mode from the following list: Argument, Narration, Process Analysis/Illustration, and Description. Using that rhetorical mode, write an essay, based on your own experience and a topic of your choice. Your topic can come from business life or personal life. Specifically identify the pattern of development (rhetorical mode) you are using. Do not use research or external sources. If you cannot easily think of a topic, consider:

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