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Feb 10, 2013
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Does "Class 1 coatings shall be rolled for all tests except 4.6.3" mean "Class 1 coatings shall be applied by roller for the purpose of performing all tests except 4.6.3"?

At first, I thought "rolled" means "rolled" as in the production of pipes, that is, "a panel is profiled in order for a pipe to be made" but it does not make sense and has nothing to do with priming (painting).

4.5.3 Preparation of test panels. Steel panels prepared as specified in 4.5.2 shall be primed with the primer, if any, designated by the contractor (see 3.2 and 3.5). If the contractor specifies a high and low limit of film thickness for the primer, two sets of panels shall be prepared, one at the high limit and one at the low limit of film thickness, for the tests specified in 4.6.12, 4.6.13, 4.6.15, 4.6.16 and 4.6.18. The primer film thickness on test panels shall be within a tolerance of plus or minus 12 micrometers (0.5 roils). The primer shall be allowed to dry for the time specified by the contractor (see 3.5). The intermediate coats, if any, and topcoat shall be mixed, kept at standard conditions during the induction time, if any, applied, as specified in che contractor’s instructions (see 3.5) , and allowed to cure for 14 days at standard conditions unless otherwise specified in the test method. Class 1 coatings shall be rolled for all tests except 4.6.3.

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Here, "rolled" means 'applied with a roller'. But I'm confident it is not the kind of paint roller you or I might use to paint our bedroom! There are machines that use rollers to very accurately meter and apply coatings to flat surfaces- surfaces such as test panels- and I think that's what is meant in this specification.
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