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Second Masters in ESL Education?

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The W.R. McNairs

Ask a Teacher: Dear English, Linguistics, ESL, or related Educator,

We hold non-education BS/BA and MSN degrees. We are a husband and wife seeking either a second Masters, or possibly a quality post graduate certification in ESL, to teach in PRC (with the additional possibly for one of us for teaching ESL in the USA , since the other is presently Nursing Faculty at a University)

(1) Please explain the relative possibility of obtaining a second masters degree or post graduate certificate in ESL from an accredited college without an English degree.
(We are Advanced Practice Nurses with a B.A. Anthropology, B.S. in Liberal Studies, and both hold MSN degrees from an accredited state university)

(2) If much coursework were required prior to admission to a post graduate program,
What are the best ESL credentialling providers? (Ultimate goal is for teaching Adult, college, or highschool students English as a second language.)


Nov 24, 2007
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Last time I looked the PRC was fairly easy on requirements for TESOL. I think the nursing connection could be used very well. I'd look for a job teaching English in a Nursing University. Try to find out what PRC colleges teach nursing and query them directly on their requiremnts and needs.
Good luck!
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