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sentence comprehension

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Apr 21, 2004
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Good day,

I don't quite understand what do these phrases mean while I was reading Reader Digest. It's an article about 'Mattew Perry'.

1.When I was younger, I wanted all the attention in the world. When I was 24, I got what I wanted. I got this light shining on me and it felt good for about eight months. Then it just felt weird, uncomfortable and off-putting.

Here, "it" means the spotlight on him. Right?

2. I've had my ins and outs with fame.

3. Early in life I felt I needed to go intoa room and command all the attention. I had to pretend that I had no problems and I was a vacation to hang out with.

How can a person be a vacation? Does it mean the person himself is pleasant to get along with? :?:

4.I was always the kind of tennis player who could be down 6-love and know going to win the match.
< :?: scratching my head :?: >


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Nov 13, 2002
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1- Yes, it's the spotlights.

2- This is a bit strange; he either mean 'ups and downs' (highs and lows) or that he has had periods of fame mixed with periods of being unknown.

3- I presume he means he was like a holiday because he was so cheerful

4- If you are six-love down at tennis, you have lost a set, but not the game, so he knew that when down he could come back.

He does sound a bit of a prat to me. ;-)
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