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Sentence meaning

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I am writing to ask for explanation.

1. First the bad news: The new lineup of summer movies is probably the worse we've had in years, starting with the return of the dragon slayers. Give us a break! This is one of the silliest and the most violent films of the year. Can someone explain the meaning of "give me a break" here for me?

2. What does the word mean "taxi fleet" ?

3. I made some net friends through / over the internet. Will that make any difference when we use through and over in this sentence? Also is it okay to say net friends? Usually, we say penpal, don't we?

Thanks :)


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Give me break = This is a way of expressing that you disagree with something or think it is a stupid idea.

A 'fleet' is a group of ships, but also used for cars; a company with have a fleet of cars for its managers to drive. A 'taxo fleet' would have this meaning- it could be all the taxis in a town, or it could be those owned by a taxi firm.

If you made friends thought the internet, it suggests that you met them on the net and went on the meet them in the real world, while a friendship over the net is one where you only contact on the internet.;-) I see nothing wrong with 'net friends'. 'Penpals' is still used, but it doesn't have the same idea to me. ;-)
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