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Apr 12, 2004
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Dear teachers,

Would you please correct my sentence analysis? (Sorry to bother you again with that but I’m rather tenacious: I’m willing to understand this rather difficult point of grammar!)

1) The meeting is at 2:30.
a) The meeting = subject
b) is = copular verb
c) at 2.30 = adverbial of time ? (form = prepositional phrase)

2) She is ahead of her fellow students.
a) She = subject
b) is = copular verb
c) ahead of her fellow students = complement or adverbial ?
(form = adjectival or adverbial phrase ?)

3) We should look ahead.
a) We = subject
b) should look = copular verb
c) ahead = adverbial of place (form = adverbial (or adverb?) phrase)

4) We parted good friends.
a) We = subject
b) parted = copular verb ?
c) good friends = subject complement (form = adjectival phrase?)

5) Norma is in good health = Norma seems to be in good health?
a) Norma = subject
b) is / seems to be = copular verb ?
c) in good health = subject complement
(prepositional phrase that acts as an adjective ?)

6) Pat is in a bad mood = Pat seems to be in a bad mood ?
a) Pat = subject
b) is / seems to be = copular verb ?
c) in a bad mood = subject complement
(prepositional phrase that acts as an adjective ?)

7) The dog smelled hungrily at the package.
a) the dog = subject
b) smelled at = transitive verb
c) the package = direct object
d) hungrily = adverbial of manner

She managed to keep her children off cigarettes.
a) she = subject
b) managed to keep = transitive verb (correct?)
or should I separate “managed” from “to keep”?
c) her children = direct object
d) off cigarette = complement related to the object

9) The animals were feasting on lots of good food.
a) The animals = subject
b) were feasting on = transitive verb
c) lots of good food = direct object (form = noun phrase ?)

10) I ordered myself something to eat.
a) I = subject
b) ordered = transitive verb
c) myself = indirect object ?
d) something to eat = direct object?
(or is it more complicated than that because of “myself” ?)
(is “to order oneself” a pronominal verb ?)

I'll send you more sentences later if you don't mind.
VERY gratefully yours,

Mister Micawber

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Sep 26, 2004
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This is a double-posting. I have already responded to the other thread with the same title.
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