short story1 ( Could you correct it)

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Feb 16, 2008
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I am happy to join this forum :-D

so i want to write short story to improve writing skills.

yesterday, my friend traveled at afternoon. i call him to say him stay in my house. he said ok. In the evening, he arrived and he tried to call me but no response from my side because my mobile was silent. he is waiting me a lot. then he decide to rent room in apartment:cry:.

I am sad for this. and I said to him you have to waiting me. :-?

please help me if you find any grammar mistake please correct it.


Tina Michelle

Feb 6, 2008
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My friend was traveling yesterday afternoon. I called to invite him to stay at my house. He said okay. He arrived in the evening and tried to call me, but there was no answer because my mobile was on silent. He waited a long time. Finally, he decided to rent a room in an apartment. I was sad about this and told him ...

Note: I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say in the final sentence. Do you mean to say:
I was sad about this and told him I was sorry to have kept him waiting.
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