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Jul 19, 2007
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1) What is the difference between socio and social?
2) Is there any branch of study called "socio science" or "natural science"?
3) When doctors operating surgery, there is some monitors outside the operating room which shows images of wavelength of brain etc. My question are:
a) what can we call they are?
b) What are they used for?
Please explain in layman's terms, thanks in advance


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Dec 11, 2007
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I am not a science buff nor do I have any in depth knowledge about them. I have given solutions to these questions with the help of a third person, who has a knowledge about these.

Socio as such does not have a separate meaning. "Socio" is used as
"socio economic" meaning social status and economic status,socio-cultural meaning social and cultural status , socio-centric meaning something which is "centered" or based completely on social assumptions etc.

"Social" has many meanings. Some of them are friendly, cordial, entertaining etc.
Socio-science can be expanded as social science.
The social sciences is the study of human aspects of the world. It makes use of scientific
method of study of humanity. It is also called as soft science.

Natural sciences are also called as Hard science. Natural science is perceived to more accutate than other sciences since it adopts a rational approach of study. It means that it obeys the laws of natural origin.
They are called as electrocardiogram. Abbreviated forms are ECG or EKG.It records the electrical activity of the heart. We say electrical because the heart muscles create electrical waves when they pump. These waves pass through the body and can be measured at electrical contacts attached to the skin.
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