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Sociolinguistics question

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I am conducted a small study consisting on interviewing women (from different social classes) and their use of Standard English.

I am attempting to know whether women usually consider themselves to speak more politely than men or if they just constantly adapt their speech for a desired effect.

Do you have any idea about the questions I could ask to get information?

Thank you a lot
Feb 18, 2008
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How about:

1. Would you consider women to be more polite in conversation than men?

2. Would you alter your use of words to exact some type of positive response or result from the person to whom you are speaking?

3. Do you chose to use words according to the social class of the person(s) to whom you speak?

4. How often in conversation would you consider you use a 'swear word'?

5. If you know that something you are about to say will cause offence, do you resist saying it?
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