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Feb 19, 2007
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Hi there.
I'd like to know what's the rule for putting stress on the first/second syllable in the words like: open-minded, big-headed, easy-going, etc..
If I remember correct, there is something about whether the compound is followed by a noun, or not. But I can't remember exactly what the rule says. :-( Give me a hint please. ;-)
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Mar 10, 2007
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The following might help. Remember these are generalizations only. There’ll always be exceptions.

1. Stress the 1st word if the word is made up of 2 individual (compound) words.

E.g. 0airport, 0freeway

2. Stress the preposition if the word is a 2-word phrasal verb.

E.g. go 0away, get 0up

3. Stress the 1st syllable of a 2-word noun.

E.g. 0Bedroom, 0stoplight, 0teapot, 0windscreen, 0chairman

4. Stress the 2nd word in a 2-word (compound) verb.

E.g. out0smart, out0do

5. Stress the 1st or 2nd syllable or word if the word is a 3-syllable or 3-word words.

E.g. 0newspaper, 0grandmother

6. Stress the 2nd syllable of a 3-word verb.

E.g. get 0out of, keep 0up with

7. Stress the noun in an adjective-noun phrase.

E.g. black 0board, green 0house

8. Stress the adjective in an adjective-noun compound word.

E.g. 0blackboard, 0greenhouse
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