'Takes a hand with'

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Apr 17, 2003
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My fiancee has been asked to explain the phrase 'takes a hand with' in a simple, clear manner, using her own example sentence.

She asked me for help, but I'm afraid I've never heard this phrase before! :oops:

In the examples I found on Google it seems to mean 'take control of' or 'interact with'.

Can anyone help me out with either an explanation or a couple of examples?



Feb 9, 2003
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The phrase is used to mean lend a hand (as my intuition told me), but it is also used to mean intervene (as fate). It is also used to mean put one's hands on (to pick up, for example) or hold another's hand. One could almost say you can use the phrase any way you want to. :wink:

From a Google search:
  • His customary costume is of holland. When on duty he wears an exaggerated bib, and “Jimmy” without his bib would be as little conceivable as “Jimmy” without his smile. He may discard it when he puts on his sky-blue pyjamas for the night, but that he smiles in his sleep is sure. The honourable wrinkles on his mahogany-hued face forbid him to relax the appearance of unceasing good-humour, and who would suggest that his serenity is artificial?

    When he takes a hand with the whole of the ship’s company to get up sail or hoist the dinghy on board, he whistles as well as smiles, and then the black boys laugh, and life on the trim ship is more buoyant than ever. He goes down into the doll’s-house galley backwards, smiling.
    (From Tropic Days, by EJ Banfield (chapter30))
  • SUMMARY From Edison films catalog: Shows tap room of the "Miners Arms," stout lady at the bar, and three men playing stud horse. Old toper with a silk hat asleep by the stove. Rough miner enters, bar maid serves him with Red Eye Whiskey and he proceeds to clean out the place. Barmaid takes a hand with a siphon of vichy, and bounces the intruder, with the help of the card players, who line up before the bar and take copious drinks on the house.

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