Teachers I need help my college life sucks

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Mar 10, 2010
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To teachers and students. During k-12 I have expierence that I have lost study skills and into playing video games. Then when I was in Kindergarton I have to repeat a grade. Then when I got into high school my study skills come right back up and then I goes back down. I became lazy again. Then at my senior year I think it was time to settle down and passed my written test to graduate and get the heck out of here. So I did. Then when I got into college everything has changed my life, my age, and my study skills. I think I’m loosing it. Everyday until this day I studied and studied untl I can passed the compass placement test. I’m not absorobing these information. I have take reading, english, and math 3 times in a row. Yet I still have not passed my test. The last test was a 51 in reading, 11 in english, and a 37 in math and a 17 in algebra. Then later this semester I went back to school and tried to retake I get the same scores in reading and english. Is there anything you can do to help me to get me into the degree level. I still play video game now a day. I only play for fun. Then I lost interest after five rounds. Then my wife,my aunt, and my brother always complian that I played video games too much. My dad used to too, but its very little now. I feel kinda down right now. I think my life, my hopes, my dreams to become a game development is over. :cry::cry::cry::cry: All my life I ever wanted to do is learn how to create video games. Does any college students expierence this kind of headache? I also never cared to get around people and never hang out with them. I only have one or two friends. I consider one of them as my friend because he came down to Atl to visit me. Well anyways Thanks.


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Oct 19, 2006
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It is not our role to advise you on this kind of problem. But having read what you say, there are some things that can be pointed out:

To have friends, you must make friends - show an interest in other people and what they like to do. Your signals are all that you want to be alone and do not like people much.

If you want to make a career of writing video games - isn't the field already rather full? - look for a college which offers a course on this and transfer to it. If that is your ambition in life, then look for a better way of achieving it than sitting playing games all day [proven to be bad for the mind and the psyche]. And surely even now you need maths for computer work?


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Nov 13, 2002
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If you want to make computer games, shouldn't you be spending time learning how to use the software packages necessary rather than just playing? Also, start making notes and plans of the games you imagine creating- if things just float around as ideas, they won't get onto the drawing board, much less off it. ;-)
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