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tense agreement?

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hi, I've asked quite a few people about the status of the word "change" in the sentence " i hated to see it change". Some said it's infinitive and others noun; however, either one makes sense to me. If "change" is infintive, what is "to see" then? If it's noun, what is "it" then? Also, what is the word "started"in “ most people are fast to stop you before you get started but hesistant to get in the way if you are moving”? is it the same
as ”change” in the first sentence? Can someone please help me with this? Also, do tenses in the same paragraph and sentence need to agree with each other? From my understanding, tenses have to agree with each in an essay/article; however, I, sometimes, come across several different tenses in the same paragraph and sentence. For example, tenses in this paragraph “it was Feb 16, 2006, and he was now a mogul skiing gold medalist at the Turin Winter Olympics. Unlike other full-time athletes, he will never have to return to a dead-end job after his moment of glory” don’t match with each other

In addition, tenses don’t agree with each other too in this sentence “Using dehydration techniques I now teach to elite powerlifters, I lost 28 pounds in 18 hours, weighed in at 165 pounds, and then hyperhydrated back to 193 pounds”
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