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thank you foy your help

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a)"Even though the president has given you free rein on resource use, you assume she didn’t mean those actively assigned to projects."
How to paraphrase "she didn’t mean those actively assigned to projects"

B)The company has yearly earnings of $200 million, with average profits on earnings of $30 million.
What is the difference between "profits" and "earnings"?

c)We’ll talk about managing to those expectations in Chapter 9.
What does "managing to those expectations " mean here?

d)include a clause in the contract to assure a contingency plan in case they fail to perform
What is the meaning of "assure a contingency plan "?

e)Perhaps the existing business processes, and the systems that support them, are so old that little documentation exists for them
What does "documentation" mean here?

Thank you very much for teacher's help.


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a) those (resources) allocated to projects
b) 'earnings' is the money taken- deduct costs and tax and you get 'profits', or 'losses'.
c) Without more context, it's hard to be certain, but it sounds like 'managing at the levelof those expectations' to me.
d) a back-up plan in case things go wrong
e) any kind of document- manuals, books, reports, etc, with relevant information

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