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the cream of the crop

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Apr 21, 2004
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Mike: I read his application and he is the cream of the crop.
Tdol: Do you think he'll getthe job?
Mike: Yeah, it's in the bag.

Is there any similiar idioms that close to 'the cream of the crop'? :)

Susie Smith

blacknomi said:
Francois said:
far and away the best
of the first water


Thanks, I like the 'water' one. Something to share with you, but maybe you already know it.

Here is the link for the origin of this phrase.

I'm quoting from the link above.

The term 'of the first water' has come to mean some kind of extreme, whether it's good or bad, such as 'a villain of the first water' or 'a star of the first water'.

So you would have to say something like "a candidate of the first water".
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