The Grounding

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Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim

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Jul 19, 2005
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The Grounding
He said: There is something you ought to know. What you need is grounding. I said: Sorry I don’t understand, grounding in what? He said: No, I mean: the way you walk and stand? Have you ever had problems with your feet? I said: God forbid, no, why do you say that? Do you think I need a chiropodist? Maybe but it is not hygiene even if you got athlete’s foot. I don’t know but you will certainly have problems with your feet because you don´t walk and stand properly. Well, I said you won’t believe it I don’t like sitting. I can’t sit still. If I do my feet start aching and I double up in cramps. I can’t stay in socks and shoes either. In their house I couldn’t take off my shoes and socks although it was summer and when I got back home my face and legs were swollen.

No, he said, I asked you about the way you walk and stand. Well, I said I usually walk and stand on my heels. Even when I want to sit I raise one leg and sit on one bum cheek on a bar stool. If I have to walk a long way I often take off my shoes and socks and walk barefoot. He said: You need grounding as much as possible. Stand on your feet for some time without moving.

The grounding came late and my feet problems became worse. Finally I went to an orthopedist. You put far too much weight on your heels. You are lucky you have got thin legs. Putting on weight for people like you is poison. If you were not a man I would have recommend high heels. Do you think your wife would mind? I said: People might find high heels beautiful but I always wondered how women can go voluntarily into such pains. He said: yes, I know but this is the only way to shift weight as women do. Later, I landed on hospital grounds.

I was grounded for some time and I thought of driving myself to the ground by eating and drinking anything which speeds up the process. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me. But when she read the grounds she said: Somebody must have caught you from touching the ground. I see you lying not standing on the ground. I said I think it was steep ground. I often played on waste ground behind for I had no ground of my own except for the fragrance of pink dog roses on a dirty ground.

Bremen 2 March 2008
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