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I am reading a book on an advertising success story of a certain brand.
I came across the below sentence and couldn't quite get what it is saying.
This is the sentence:

"Peter joined AAA from BBB in Edinburgh (capital of Scotland), where he'd had the Tennent's lager account in a market that beat England to the premium draught beer idea."

AAA:an advertising agency: not real name
BBB:another ad agency
Tennent's lager: two of the most popular beer brands in Scotland
account: an ad term for "client"

I have no idea what it is saying from "in a market that beat England..." and after. What would a phrase, "beat --- to the *** idea" might mean?

Do you think I can rewrite this as:
"Peter joined AAA from BBB in Edinburgh. In BBB he was working with the Tennent's lager client. The Scotish market was more found of Draught bear even stronger than the Draught beer's original birth place, England."?

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you in advance.

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'They beat England to the idea' means that they had (and developed, in this commercial sense) the concept before England did.
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