The Rest and other poems

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Feb 17, 2008
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The Rest
Mohammed Abu-Risha, 1994

A knife and poison are in my hands
So I can choose one way to end
My life, my woes in earthly lands
To rebel against what gods have sent

Shall I ever fight all evil around
Or lie in a tomb caring for none
To live is death among hollow crowds
Shall I then die since Faith's gone!

Nay, keep the Rest and end your strife
The rest is love; the rest is life.​
Feb 17, 2008
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A call for strangers..

A call for strangers
Mohammed Abu-Risha, 1994

Let us join despite the pain
Against the world of wrong and right
Let us run under the rain;
We are humans you and I

Let us be what love can be
Enjoying life with all its sorts
Come with me I've got the key
Which unlocks the door of strangers' world

Come with me I've told no lies
We are humans: you and I

Let us leave hollow men aside
and join the sufferers who are desperate
Come with me to bring the light
Of the darkened moon for other mates

Come with me I've made no lies
Strangers are human; you and I
Feb 17, 2008
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A sad tune on an Arab fiddle

A sad tune on an Arab filddle
Mohammed Abu-Risha, Dewcember 2007

Because you feel
And have a heart
You start to tear
All dreams apart

No matter what
You try to fly
The door is shut
Of the cage so tight

Your boat is there
With sails and oars
Harsh winds to bear
And a sea that roars?

Because you think
Hard work will count
To have some drink
So pure of a fount

Then soon you hear
Of changing plans
Arising the fear
Your hope it bans

But then will come
A glimpse of light
That foes won’t shun
Nor dare to fight

A day of the Just
No rich tyrannise
No greed nor lust
But Right will rise​


Feb 9, 2003
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It is quite a challenge to write poetry in a language that is not your first language. Good job!

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