the use of word constraint

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While I was talking today, somebody said - "You might not be able to go there because of some constraints" and I was like - "Constraint is not the right word. In fact, I would love to go there".

After I said this, I kind of felt stupid because I realized that the person meant constraints as in limitation(s) and I blurted out my answer quiet unconsciously - which implied inhibition(s).

I am sure, this person never got the implication and must have found me rather weird. But, was my answer anywhere near correct?

David L.

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Nov 7, 2007
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Well, perhaps the person will have thought you 'heard' constrictions; but whether or no, none of us can open our mouths without dropping a clanger or two along the conversational primrose path, whether it's mispronunciation - I mispronounced 'ebullient' for years!; not knowing a word - The very first time I was asked by a high school teacher, "Do you think he's a charlatan?" and stuck because I didn't know what the hell a charlatan was, but didn't want to show my ignorance. Your consolation - you have lots of company!!
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