the word after 'to' in english

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i'd like to know if after each word to is always going to be a present tense and without a 's'.examples:
I'd like to ___
Had to ___
wanted to__
needed to___
was going to __
was about to___
looking to___
trying to___
used to___
supposed to___

what's to be filled in?must it always be in present tense and no 's'?
which one of these is correct on those blanks
get/gets/gotten/got[these are the options]
my guess is get for all of the i right?
present tense and without the letter 's' must be used after a word 'to' at all times?

really confused.pls help me with this.


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Sep 21, 2003
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get is the correct choice. :D By the way, it's called the base form or infinitive form of a verb. That is the form you look up in the dictionary. :) The base form is not the present tense form without -s, but it sure does look like it, doesn't it? :)

to get is called the to-infinitive. An infintive does not carry tense nor does it agree in number with the subject:

Tense: to got (incorrect)
Number: to gets (incorrect)

All the best, :D
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