[General] They are computers.


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Jun 19, 2009
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I am trying to think of some contexts for the sentence They are computers other than the following:
1) Somebody (an elementary school teacher or a parent) is showing a picture of computers to elementary school children asking 'What are these?' (The children: They are computers!)
2) Somebody (maybe a TV show presenter or a teacher again) has made up a riddle, e.g. 'These devices were invented in the mid 1970s and they have become the most empowering tools we've ever created'. (The schoolchildren: They are computers!)

My question is: Are there other possible contexts, quite different from the ones I've given? Is the use of this type of sentence limited to only two maijor types of contexts that I have given?


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Have you seen the movie Hidden Figures? It's about (black) women doing mathematical calculations in the early stages of America's space program. Those women could be called computers.