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To Latoof

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Dear Latoof,

I am so sorry for acting out BUT my last post wasn't targeted at you. NOT AT ALL! I really want you to understand that, OK?!
I truly apologize to everyone who got offended by my behavior. I don't think anyone likes to be insulted. I should have known better, though, not to get down to this person's level.
You bet we are friends. Always have been, right?

Apology again. :cry:


Senior Member
Jun 20, 2004
Hi Natalie,

As I said before there is no need to abologize. However, I still believe that whenever we have a conflict between two opinions there won't be a need to disrespect or to fight the others' just because they dont agree with us. Here I am talking to everybody. not just Natalie.
Enjoy your time. :lol:
Not open for further replies.