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"To major in", "to specialize in"

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Jun 20, 2004
what you want to major in and why you chose that major.
Casiopea, you wrote this sentence answering a memeber about wiriting an essay to enter a university. My question is about "to major in".

Can you tell me more about hte use of this noun "major" as a verb, because it is the first time I see it said in this way.

I used to say "what you want to specialize in ...."

Thank you very much. :lol:

Mister Micawber

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Sep 26, 2004
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'Major' merely means to pursue an academic major (an academic field chosen as an area of specialization). It is the most common way of expressing this idea; 'what are you majoring in?' may be the second question you hear from a new college acquaintance, right after 'what's your name?'

'What are you specializing in?' is possible but less likely in that situation. 'To specialize in' does not require tertiary matriculation. You can collect stamps and specialize in Monaco; you can become a mechanic and specialize in engine rebuilding.
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