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Tony Hu
Room221 Building 7, Shanghai University, 20 Chengzhong Road Tel: 69981040

October 18,2004

Amoi Company, E –mail:

Re: Possible Employment
Dear Mr./Ms.:

I am writing to apply for the position of marketing desirer of your company which you advertise on the zhaopin website.

I am a third year college student in Shanghai University and during the past two years, I have learnt some knowledge of marketing desire and also have some working experience. I worked in an international company during my second year’s summer vocation for eight weeks, which practice the knowledge I have learnt from books.

I am applying the job for prove myself and really do some useful things for the company’s development. With the improvement of the consumers’ life, competition is become more and more serious. I think Amoi is a good company and I really want to use my own energy to do something for it.

I have heard that your company are developing very fast these years and have a bright future. I hope I can catch the chance to work for your company and have the confidence that your will satisfied with my work. If you will accept my application, please make a call to me. Thank you.



Enclosed: Resume

Personal Information
Full Name: Hu Zhe
English Name: Tony Hu
Gender: Male
Date of Birthday: 2 September 1983
Mobile Phone: 13391154218
Address: Room221 Building 7, Shanghai University, 20 Chengzhong Road Tel: 69981040, 200100

  I apply for a position of marketing desirer in your company to practice the knowledge I have learned in the university about my major and improve myself in experience.

Summary of Qualifications
After I have studied in marketing for several years, I think through my creative work I can help the company to improve in the market share and let the company be a creative one in the competition.
  Have enough knowledge in the use of various computers including Microsoft Office and the Internet.
Shanghai University - Shanghai
Major: International Trade 2002-2005

Work in an international company for eight weeks in the summer for practice.
Because I just worked as a learner in that company, I have no long-time position. I just pay a lot of attention on the part of marketing desire and know the basic steps of desiring and planning. And made a little plan of market for exercise under the direction of the older employee in the company. Usually, I help to do some basic work for the marketing department like answering the phone of the consumers, preparing for the meeting and collecting main points others made. During the time there, I also learn the way to communication with others especially with consumers and learnt the most important factor of marketing desire—creativity.

Amoi Company, E –mail:


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