Trying to help tutor a foreign student

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Feb 3, 2008
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Hi! :?:

I'm new to this site having tried to find info to help me with a young Macedonian student who lives in the same state I do, but just a little too far to get together in person. We are both just starting out with each other and I am helping her with the English language as I helped my husband who was in college some years back, but he is not foreign.

I am looking for a really simple yet good site to help her use a free online dictionary that will translate either from English to Macedonian, or vice versa. If you would offer some advice, I would gratefully accept it. We will be messengering and emailing online. I don't want to do her work for her whatsoever, just help and encourage her as she moves forward on her own. I look forward to a reply, and thank you so much.

Not open for further replies.