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Jenny Lau

May 31, 2003
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1.For the last ten years, I have led wildlife eco-toursin Costa Rica.
What does "led" mean here? Does it mean I am a guide?

2.Jim was a stern-mannered former military man in his late fifties, who didn't say much, but often seemed to butt heads with his son.
What does "butt heads with" mean?

Thank u! Everytime I have questions I could count on u, thank u here for helping us!


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Mar 4, 2006
1. 'Led' is the past participle of the verb 'to lead', so you are saying that you were the leader of the tour. It can also mean 'guide', as you say.

2. 'Butt heads with' is an American idiom meaning to have arguments or confrontations with someone. It conveys the image of animals clashing (or butting) their heads together during a fight.
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