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Jan 10, 2007
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good morning sir.
I am sending to you a passage for some undestanding problem .please traslate me. Thanks
Back in in the 1970s, all-singing, all-dancing groups like the Jackson 5 and the Osmand Brothers were the equivalent of todays's boy bands-although in the in those days the term had not been invented. But the Gibbs brothers, known all over the world as The bee gees,oultasted them all,with major hits through four decades, reaching their peak in disco years of disco years of the late 1970s. At one time,their album Saturday Night Fever Number one for 24 consecutive weeks in the US, and it is sitll the best-selling soundtrack album all over the time.Their existence as a group ended only with the death of brothers Maurice in 2003, and there are currently pland for them to record again under in Bee Gees's name.And what was the secret of their success.? 'We are brothers first,as group second,said eldest brother Barry in 1997.

1.back 1970. duration between 1960 to 1970.
2. we can write known "is known
and rest of height understanding meaning traslate me Sir I would be very greatful to you If you did.


Nov 24, 2007
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the 1970's = 1970 to 1979
known = in that sentence you would need to say 'But the Gibbs brothers who are known all over the world..."
I am not sure what other phrases you want explained.
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