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Nov 30, 2007
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Hello, I'd like you to check up some of my answers. Can you help me?

I walked .......... Piccadilly Circus and then caught a bus.
a) until
b) as long as
c) as far as
d) till
I've chosen C.

I'm going to stay here .......... he phones and then I'll come and join you.
a) until
b) for
c) by
d) when
I've ticked A.

Since you'll be seeing him tonight, you might ......... give him this letter.
a) well enough
b) as well as
c) as well
d) as good as
I'm for C.

The brothers are .......... that they share all they have.a) such good friends
b) so good friends
c) good friends
d) so very good friends
A think A is right.

As long as they .......... stay for more than a few day, they can sleep at my flat.
a] wouldn't
b] didn't
c] shan't
d] don't
is correct, probabely

Do you agree?
Than you
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