use her magic powers to cure their patients

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This kind of to-infinitive is always confusing. The result usage is hard to tell from the purpose one sometimes. Does it mean 1 or 2 or does it depend on the writer's or the reader's spontaneous interpretation?
1. She used her magic powers and as a result cured their patients - result.
2. In order to cure their patients, she used her magic powers. - purpose

gp106)Broken Bridge is where the two loves first met...But Xuxian didn't know that Bainiangzi wan't a normal woman. Originally, she was a white snake. Eventually, God rewarded her for her good behavior and turned her into a beautiful woman. She soon married Xuxian and they opened a clinic. Bainiangzi would use her magic powers to cure their patients. But a monk named Fahai knew what Bainiangzi used to be and thought of her as evil.
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