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use of "mud"

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Jun 8, 2010
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Whwn it rains water mixes with mud and the no more remians solid but is musy so what is the exact word for that do call it mud only.
Please correct this sentence gramatically:
eg: 1) My shoes are getting splattered with mud (is the word used splattered correct or we should use something else)
2) I love the smell of soil in the rainy season ,I feel like eating it:lol:

Jay Louise

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Jun 7, 2010
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**not a teacher**

You have the right idea about mud. Rain + dirt = mud and it is mushy. Splatter {to splash and scatter upon impact} seems a perfect word to describe what happens when shoes meet mud.

2) I love the smell of soil in the rainy season ,I feel like eating it

I like how you think. Using "soil" creates images of the richness of the earth instead of the negative feelings associated with "dirt" and "mud". However, I think that comma creates a comma splice. Those look like two independent sentences to me, and I believe your choices of punctuation are a semi-colon, a comma + conjunction, or a period.

** not a teacher **
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