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obaid saleh

Apr 17, 2006
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what does, 'in respect to something...........'means?

i would appreciate examples.


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Sep 13, 2007
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Attention: I'm not a teacher.

Hi obaid saleh,

There are some definitions, synonyms and examples concerning the matter in question:

in respect to = referring or directing attention to, in regard to, as regard, concerning, regarding, in reference to, with regard to, in relation to
In this respect the exercise was a valuable learning experience, and showed once again that there is sometimes..
In this respect, a noun that is strongly related to a particular domain will have much useful…
The apparatus of Lethersich (1950) is classic in this respect.

The statement says that the barrage will improve the position as regards flooding, but we are not sure how that statement was arrived at.
For the position as regards proceedings before a board which are not completed before the expiry of the term of….
The position as regards the recovery of damages in English law was reviewed by the House of Lords.

Furthermore, there may be problems regarding context dependent effects, whereby letters are written differently according to their surrounding context.
Clearly, there are a number of choices to be made regarding this algorithm.
Daum now wants UEFA to accept that the rules regarding foreign players are for everyone else
Recently, plans have been announced regarding the evaluation of major new resource development options for the Thames Region.


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