Waste in Threefold

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Dr. Jamshid Ibrahim

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Jul 19, 2005
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Waste in Threefold
Whenever I look at the garbage can or the dustbin in my house, I think of waste. I know waste is everywhere and it is a by-product of output. This might explain why there are so many words for it in English: rubbish, trash, garbage, junk…... Nobody wants waste but everybody produces it. .The food I eat and the showers I have increase waste in my garbbage can and the bathroom on a daily basis. I say stop eating and drinking. My dustbin is full and the toilets stink. Of course, food produces energy for living and working but you have been casting pearls before swine. Your energy, sympathy and resources are wasted as well. This is indeed waste in threefold suffocating you to death..

What about waste disposal and recycling? The German word "entsorgen" meaning disposal is derived from the word "Sorge" which means sorrow. So when I dispose of waste in Germany I get rid of at least part of my sorrows and worries. But I must get rid of. all kinds of sorrows by all means. You might think I am wasting my breath or I am a total waste of space. Waste not, want not. I say waste me, squander me, and discard them all. It is nothing but waste. You cannot even clean yourself without producing waste. Your health can only thrive on waste.

Eat junk food and drinks, your stomach can dump everything, Get junk mail, scrap your car or any substance which is unwanted surplus. contaminate water when cleaning your houses. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Wear sackcloth and ashes and turn to ashes. Fire will burn you clean.

Bremen, 15 March 2008
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