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Apr 21, 2004
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Beaver:an animal with smooth fur, sharp teeth and a large flat tail, which lives in a dam
I have more beavers than you. :D (Do you live by a dam?)

Beaver:To work diligently and energetically.
I am an eager beaver. I never goofs off.

For your information: :D
work like a beaver
work like a dog
work like Trojan
work one's fingers to the bone

Eager beaver is a Canadian army expression that refers to the industrious beaver, our national animal. The expression was not recorded before 1940 but likely derives from similar expressions, such as "busy as a beaver." Eager beaver is usually applied derisively to someone who is overly industrious or zealous.

Have you wacthed Discovery?
The beaver is remarkable for its industry and skill on constructing its habitation and creating dams to preserve its water supply. This gace rise to the verb "beaver away" for someone who works very hard.

I admire their hard working. Very impressive if you know how they build a house to prevent the cold in winter. :D

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Nov 13, 2002
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'Beaver' can also mean 'vagina', so it can be used to mean ' sex'. ;-)
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