What have i achieved so far at Anglophile?

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Mr. President, respected teachers and fellow colleagues,


It is an honour for me today to be able to share my experiences and achievements as a student of this prestige institution.

It is known to all that we all lack certain abilities in ourselves, which when overcome, do help us in coping up with the day to day situations. English, as a language is what nearly all the people of this region lack, as it not being our mother tongue. Whereas it is the most widely used medium for communication in our offices, institutions and education. Not knowing this language properly, creates difficulty for us to understand the syllabus and official correspondence.

When I joined this institution, I was not very comfortable with English Language. I was not good at reading nor at conversation. At times I used to look for excuses. Then one day some one told me about this institute. I would say that I made a good decision and it is because of the interest and hard work of my dedicated teachers that today I am standing here in front of you and feeling confident. Being a student of English language, I have found this institution to be quite educative, motivating and helpful. The methods of teaching used help in developing an air of confidence amongst the students.

My achievement is that now I am quite comfortable with english. Writing and conversing has improved. My pronunciation has improved so has the grammar too. Initially when I joined the institution I could not make the difference between the use of ‘a’ and ‘the’. Grammar being an important aspect of any language, has to be considered while writing or conversing. A wrong use of the tense or phrase can altogether change the intention of what one is saying or writing. Similarly, conversation also has its parameters which have to be followed. Any deviation from the norms of the language can put one in an embarrassing situation.

In the end I would like to thank all my teachers and colleagues, as it is because of their cooperation and gratitude, that I am feeling confident today and look forward to a very successful future.

Thank you


Feb 9, 2003
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What is your purpose in posting that? Do you want a critique? While it is mostly pretty good, it could use some changes. For example, it should be prestigious institution.. Is that the kind of thing you have in mind?

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