where can i find................

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where can i find alliteration poems???? i need help???????????


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Sep 21, 2003
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The large lion leaped at the lovely lizard,
While laughing loudly.

Meg is a magnificent maiden.
She moves mystically,
While following a map.

Stars shine,
Shimmering sharply,
So strong,
To show Susie the way home.

Lilly, My Lab
Lilly lays in my lap,
laughing at me.
She'll lumber around,
the Lilac Tree.
Lilly laps up liquid,
from a lavender bowl,
and eats lumps of liver,
from Libby's hole.
Lilly is long, lively, and quick,
but she'll ALWAYS linger around for a lick.


One wide whale waddled in waves wondrously with his wife walking in the wind waggling her wrists.

Two terrible twins thinking fast thoughts as tents talk and teaspoons tinkle.

Three frizzled ferrets fuzzled through thoughts as they were thumping foreign fans.

Four foraging farmers fancy fantastic fanatics but fail to faint by a falcon.

Five far-fetched fairies fiddle with fat frogs who frisk and fritter on Fridays with fright about fashion fills and frenzy over thick french freckles.

Six, skilful, sizeable sketches of skeleton skates ski sixteen stretches of skin as skipping ropes slumber silently slung in a slender slide.

Seven slotmachines slouch slovenly in silver skyscrapers sloping sleekly like slaves in a slaughterhouse.

Eight eels edit edible embankments of elk in Elizabethan England entrusted to everlasting evergreen elephants.

Nine nanny goats nab napkins from not necessarily neglected naves of the nasty naughty nation.

Ten taxis taunted tender temporary telling tails of tablespoons telephoning terrible thieves and terrorising them.


Caring Cats Caring cats cascade off
Laughing lamas Lounging.
Underneath yelling yaks,
Yelling at roaming Rats.
By Rachael

Rain races,
Ripping like wind.
Its restless rage
Rattles like
Rocks ripping through
The air.
By Jake

Laughing Lions
Laughing lions laugh
like jumping jaguars
on top of talking trees.
When the talking trees start talking,
the joking jaguars fall off.
By Rachel

Wind Whistles
Wind whistles
through the air, while
talking turtles shiver
like sea horses
while everyone is asleep.
By Rachael




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Nov 13, 2002
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A cool selection. ;-)


Feb 9, 2003
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How did you find them? (I did a Google search unsuccessfully.)

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