where to find a neuropsychologist who is familiar with ESL

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I am a medical student and my native language is not english. i have had difficulty in written English, ie, to interpretate the "semble" of english letters. so i read very slow. that is a disarst as a med student. b/c our written exam is usually very long for each question ( 1/2 to 1 pages per question). you have to go through 55 Qs per hour to finish a 200-250 in 4 hrs. my exam scores were often very low, 5-10 percentile. b/c I only could finished less than a half of the test each time. i was given double time one time , then my score went up a lot.

i got a neuropsychologic evaluation with a diagnosis of learning disability for english/or other language learning. i feel the diagnosis has well explained my unusual academic performance. i have no problem with my native language. my last tofle score was 600 3 years ago. my oral english has ben considered very fluent and above average.

i am applying for a test accommodation to double my test time. but the reviewing committee insists in another eval from a neuropsychologist who is familiar with ESL to rule out the a possible poor english language impacted on my academic performance. otherwise they will not honor my doc's eval report alone to grant me such a test accommodation.

I am really feeling frustrated. I can find hundreds of ESL educators but they don't have professional neuropsychologic training qualified for this eval. meanwhile, the neuropsychoologists in our hospital are not familiar with ESL.

Do you think the committee's request is reasonable? if is, pls help me to find such a person who is qualified for this eval. any thanks :cry:
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