Which do you use?

Which do you use?

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Casiopea said:
Will said:
'Was' just sounds wrong. Perhaps it's just me, but it doesn't seem right. Keep in mind I have no evidence to support this, but it just doesn't sound natural.

Actually, and I just came across this myself about a year or two ago, both are English: past and present usage; They express different meanings, though:

The subjuntive use of the verb were in If I were expresses a condition that does not exist, one that's contrary to fact, whereas the indicative use of the verb was in If I was expresses a condition that 'was' probable, likely or could possibly be true.

For example,

1. If I were you (which I am not) I would take the money and run.
2. If I was you (which I most likely might be in that situation) I'd take the money and run.

The poll asks us to make a choice between subjunctive and indicative moods:

If I were is the subjunctive mood.
If I was is the indicative mood.

All the best,

Cas :)

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tdol said:
Both are correct, IMO, but I grew up with 'were'. ;-)


"If God was one of us..." means, God is/was probably, likely or could be one of us, whereas "If God were one of us..." means, God is not one of us.



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Only to those who make the distinction. Many would only use one. It is, however, a very cool distinction. I would probably use it. I wouldn't use 'were' in cases like this:

If he was there (don't know), he would have seen it (therefore don't know).
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