Word Surfing Vocabulary Development Strategy

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will mcculloch

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Jul 5, 2003
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Two short pieces of news to share with you about the "Word Surfing" vocabulary development strategy....and a short request.

1. There is now a WS article in HLT magazine at http://www.hltmag.co.uk/jan04/sart3.htm. It's really nice to be there - but also disappointing that the sample WS Page is incorrect (the most important bit!). The real one is here... http://www.wordsurfing.co.uk/8140.html
...and hopefully they will make the correction in the very near future.

2. "Word Surfing" is beginning to be made available to learners of French, German, Spanish, Italian and many other languages. Details of this can be found at.......


.... and hopefully this will encourage more people to join the WS discussion group at http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/wordsurfing/ .

3. If anyone would like to suggest some quality resources that could usefully be added to the above page - please let me know. I'm particularly interested in sites that include sound and/or video files/interactive exercises/dictations/discussion forums etc - as these really can help L2 learners to independently mimic some of the exposure that they received as L1 learners.

Many thanks for your time ...and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes

Will ;)


Feb 9, 2003
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Hi, Will! Where are you now?

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