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Sep 21, 2003
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wilsonc@afip.osd.mil said:
When are the words has & have used?

1. 'has' is used with the 3rd person singular subjects:

She has
He has
It has

Has she?
Has he?
Has it?

2. 'have' is used elsewhere:

I have
We have
You have
They have

Have I?
Have we?
Have you?
Have they?

3. 'have' is also used with auxiliary verbs (do, will, etc) and modals (would, should, could, can, may might, etc.):

She does have
Does she have?

He will have
Will he have?

It would have
Would it have?

She should have
Should she have?

He can have
Can he have?

It could have
Could it have?

She may have
May she have?

He might have
Might he have?

I do have
Do I have?

We do have
Do we have?

You will have
Will you have?

They would have
Would they have?

I should have
Should I have?

We may have
May we have?

We might have
Might we have?

You could have
Could you have?

They can have
Can they have?



Mar 7, 2004
wilsonc@afip.osd.mil said:
When is the word has & have used?

In addition:

Has or have is also used in present perfect tense( of course together with past participle).

He/She has understood the question.
It has rained heavily.
I/You/We/They have understood the question.

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