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Dear teachers out there,
Please advise me on how to teach my students how to write creatively using the internet. My students do have the access to the lab easily, but they do not know how to fully utilize the opportunity. i want to make them realize that they can actually write better using the computer. Most of my students are afraid of computers. i told them that computers can help develop the language skills: the spelling, vocabulary/thesaurus etc. But i think telling them this is just not enough to convince them. Please help me help my students see the importance of using the computers in learning the language (English). Thank you very much. Tata.


Feb 9, 2003
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The best way for them to use their computers would be for all of them to post stuff on the UsingEnglish ESL forum. I know of no better way for them to use their computers. They could submit things for commentary and also comment on other things they see.

Encourage them to ask questions and also to submit samples of their writing so that we may comment on it.

Those are good ideas. Don't you think so?

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